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This is the number one question we get right before “Why do your sites rank so quickly?” Fair enough question, so we are going to give you the basics of our formula. We are not going to tell you every detail because we check our traffic records daily and we know other industry marketing sites are just hoping we will let them in on our technology.

Don’t just build a cute, little, templated free site… Build a SUPER SITE!

Build it on the number one used architecture WordPress. This platform is the easiest for search engine spiders to list and it includes all the bells and whistles built in. A blog, discussion group, polls, comments, opt in forms, contact forms, CMS potential, and an admin back end. Best of all IT CAN BE MANAGED BY JUST ABOUT ANYONE! You don’t need a Harvard MBA to work with this technology and everyone supports it. Bottom line… We do all the work anyway, so this is just good information.

  1. Attorney Marketing Profits create custom industry graphics and logos that will convert. Our Attorney Marketing Profits design team has over 25 years experience designing specifically for web conversion. You will be proud of the imagery that will be associated with your logo and name.
  2. Attorney Marketing Profits includes beautiful, “fresh” industry photos in all the content. Not just the same stock photos you have seen a million times on every templated industry site in the country. By the way… Your clients are sick of those tired old photos as well.
  3. We create custom industry content, written by U.S. resident, college graduates. It converts because it’s legible… and it is relevant. Attorney Marketing Profits does this all month long so that the search engines see continuous new content posting on the site. (Hint… this is a big deal.)

“Sound like a lot of work already? Well… it is and we are not done yet!”

Connect the site to the BIG 3.

Attorney Marketing Profits sets up each account for speed complete with graphics. We install applications that let these sites talk to each other and the super site. Google spyders these sites every 24 hours, so they are very important for fast ranking. Attorney Marketing Profits tags all the content with exclusive city/area keywords. Friends, Fans, Followers, and Viewers are all potential clients.

You will get your YouTube account set up and stocked full of relative industry video. These videos are keyword tagged and back linked to your super site. The videos are also installed in each article on the super site. Finally a YoutTube channel widget is put in the sidebar to complete the connection.

Attorney Marketing Profits sets up your Twitter account and tweets 6 times every day.

This is very important for several reasons. First, it demonstrates an active healthy Twitter account to the spyders.

Next it creates potential client traffic to your super site. Lastly, it creates back links to your super site, your YouTube channel and your Facebook page.


Make the site Mobile Compatible!

Attorney Marketing Profits makes every super site mobile compatible with Android™ and Apple iOS™ systems. We never use Flash™ because it doesn’t run on all phones. Attorney Marketing Profits assigns each site with a phone number that not only forwards calls to you, but it keeps track of every call and even gives your receptionist a pre-call site announcement. There is also a call widget on each site for potential clients to connect automatically.

Schedule appointments with new clients via text message!

We install an advanced SMS text messaging center that makes appointments and auto responds to the client. This is a very high conversion option. Just imagine your client receiving an instant message from your receptionist asking for them to call asap to book their appointment.

People read text messages much faster then email.

Offer a nerdy cutting edge Opt-In!

This is the newest nerdy opt-in option. Clients who have teenagers know what this gadget is. You can scan this code with your smart-phone and it will bring up all of your important data. Address, Phone, Firm Name, and Specialties can all be stored in a QR Code registry. These codes can also be used in your mail marketing and have even been used as stamps from A cool marketing idea, that converts and impresses.

Make the site muti-lingual!

Se Habla Español, Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Google has a new feature that lets Attorney Marketing Profits put a translation widget right in the navigation. This may not seem like a big deal, BUT IT IS! Focus group testing shows that although most foreign language speaking clients do speak English. However, given the option to use the site in their native language, they say this is something they really appreciate and enjoy. Bottom line… It helps conversion up to 17%.

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Written by Richard Martindale - About the Author: Richard Martindale is a practicing attorney and the President/CEO of an internet marketing company in Austin called Clockwork Social Media. Richard also publishes the Attorney Marketing Profits Blog. Naturally this article is connected to Richard’s profile, Twitter, Facebook and to LinkedIn so check him out in all these places.