Kickoff to Football Gives 3 Key Lessons For Your Attorney Marketing

Last night was the kickoff to the NFL football season, but what does the NFL or the Dallas Cowboys have to do with attorney marketing? You may think it’s a stretch for a huge Cowboys’ fan like me to equate this opening NFL game to marketing, but if you read this entire article, I’m sure you’ll learn some marketing lessons you can apply.

Attorney Marketing Cowboys Football Kickoff

Hopefully you had an opportunity to watch the game. As a diehard Cowboys fan (don’t judge me for this, please), I wouldn’t have missed it. My expectations were low going into the game given all the injuries in the pre-season. However, I was overjoyed to see Romo perform so well and witness a defense that can actually hold a lead. But I digress….

If you watched the game, you should have some ideas about what you can learn about marketing – no matter what profession you are in – by watching what the NFL and other advertisers do during a pro football game. First of all, NBC had its Twitter and Facebook accounts for Sunday Night Football – @SNFonNBC and – prominently displayed in all of its pre-game coverage. This is a major lesson to anyone reading this article who is working hard to market yourself or your business.

Lesson #1 – You must give people the opportunity to connect with your brand (e.g. your name or law firm), and social media provides you with one of the easiest connection points in marketing today.

Do you use Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites in your attorney marketing plan for your law firm? If you don’t use them, you should. Twitter and Facebook are two of the most prominent social media sites on the internet. The user numbers on these two sites alone are overwhelming – almost 1 billion users on Facebook and approximately 140 million on Twitter. These number are staggering when you think about how many people you can reach through the use of properly optimized social media channels. When you take into account some of the other major social media sites – like YouTube and LinkedIn – you can show millions of people how you are the preeminent expert in your field if you know how to use these social media sites in your marketing plan.

This leads us to the next major lesson you can learn from the Cowboys’ game last night:

Lesson #2 – Use Social Media and Other Internet Sites to Demonstrate You Are an Expert

I often field inquiries from attorneys and other business owners who question whether social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can provide them with tangible benefits to their law firm or business. If you really understand how to set up and optimize social media channels, this should be an easy question to answer.

I know that Sunday Night Football is not equivalent to what you or your law firm would do to promote your practice using social media, but let’s take a look at how NBC brands their social media sites for Sunday Night Football.

You can see from these images from two Sunday Night Football social media sites that NBC communicates to followers that it is an expert in covering pro football. The images are clear and provide you with information you would be looking for to find the football game on the air – starting time, teams, pictures, etc. They also give you information on other games to be played in the future. NBC is branding its Sunday Night Football well and inviting viewers to connect with these social media sites.

Now let’s turn to the real meat you can apply to your legal practice. Social media gives attorneys and law firms a unique and unprecedented opportunity to prove you are THE expert in your field – the expert people should hire over your competition. You can start your marketing by establishing a YouTube channel and creating informative videos about your practice area to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve acquired and answer common questions people who are searching for an attorney in your practice area would be asking. You can promote these videos as well as other information about what’s happening in your practice area on Facebook and Twitter. And if you’ve set up and optimized these social media channels correctly, you can use search engine optimization tactics to make sure you show up on the first page of search engines so people will see you as the expert and hire you.

Because getting hired is what marketing is all about, right?

Once you are hired, this leads us to the final lesson for today:

Lesson #3 – You must constantly work to build your relationship with current and potential clients by being available and interacting with them.

When you think about the all the avenues available to connect with current and potential clients, is there a better resource than social media to accomplish this goal? Social media channels give attorneys and law firms the ability to connect with potential new clients on subjects dealing with their legal practice, but they can also connect on a personal level. You don’t always have to write about your work. Let your followers know you have a personal side too. The more you share about what you’re doing – not only in your law firm, but also in your life in general – the more people will come to feel as if they know and trust you. If they trust you, it’s easier for them to hire you when they need an attorney in your practice area.

With Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, you have an avenue to promote your legal practice to people who have expressed an interest in your practice. Why not take advantage of that? Social media gives you the opportunity to promote good press about your practice to your followers almost instantaneously as it happens. Why hire a PR firm when you can do it yourself? You also can use these social media sites for customer service. You should use social media channels to invite people to give you feedback on what you’re doing in your legal practice. By eliciting feedback and being open to suggestions, you can try to avoid any issues that might otherwise lead to problems if you didn’t do this.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed the Cowboys’ game last night. If you’ve read this far, you should have picked up at least a couple tidbits on how social media can enhance your attorney marketing plan. Now you need to take action and implement what you’ve learned. If you do, you should see nice returns and increasing numbers of clients who want to hire you. When that happens, contact me to tell me about your success.

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