Lawyer Marketing For Your Expanding Office

Lawyer Marketing For Your Expanding Office

In many established law firms there has been a great deal of time and energy put into establishing the client base. Based on the horrible economy over the last few years, many law firms have lost clients due to the inability of those clients to afford legal fees or just not being able to retain a lawyer. This means law firms have lost a great deal of revenue. It also means that law firms have the chance to rebuild and rework how they do things so they can work to gain additional interest from the community and people that are looking for legal representation. In order to start gaining new clients, a law firm needs to take a look at how the marketing and advertising department does things. If you have no advertising and marketing department in your law firm, then you obviously need to take necessary steps in order to work on your lawyer marketing. Lawyer marketing is a great way to gain new clients but also get your name all over the Internet.

How Popular Is The Internet For Lawyers?

If you have ever taken a look at the Internet and you have done a search on lawyers, you will notice that there are several different websites that are specially made just for lawyer advertising. These are sites that you want to be listed on, but you also want to be listed on all of the different social media websites. When a potential client starts looking for a lawyer, most of the time the potential client is going to type in keywords in order to find a lawyer in their area. You want your firm to be attached to these keywords so that your firm gets picked up in any search online. The best way to do this is by hiring a lawyer marketing company that will be able to get you listed on all of the sites so when a potential client is doing a search for a “divorce lawyer”, for example, in a certain area or community, your firm’s name will immediately be seen in the top few postings. That is how you gain new clients and your name also gets recognition. You also want to be listed on any type of website that has something to do with lawyers and law firms. The more you can get listed the better. If you are a lawyer that has extra time to do a blog, then that is always highly recommended because a blog is a great way to show potential clients that you care and that you are taking time out of your schedule to give advice and information on specific legal issues or matters.

Lawyer Marketing For Your Expanding Office

Gaining New Clients From The Internet And Social Media Sites

Doing effective lawyer marketing is going to be the most fun because it will give you the opportunity to talk to many people that are hoping to get legal representation. From here you will be able to pick and choose which clients you feel as though are going to give you the best cases. Because you won’t be needy, you also will be in a position to discuss with all of your potential clients the payment arrangements that are necessary in order to retain your services. You should also be sure to establish a process where you gather information from all of the leads that you receive online so you can see which websites or social media sites are the most effective. From here you will be able to speak with your lawyer marketing company and let them know which websites seem to be working the best. This is great information for your marketing company to know because they will be able to spend some extra time updating your online profiles and making sure they look professional and complete for all of the potential clients to review.

Updating Your Social Media Accounts On A Regular Basis

Updating your social media accounts is another very important part of having a successful marketing campaign. Regular updates are essential in keeping interest with all of your potential clients. If you do not update these accounts on a regular basis, you will slowly start dropping from the top of all of the search engines. Making sure you blog at least once a week is also recommended, and you should ask your marketing company about all of the keywords that should be used on a regular basis. You want your lawyer marketing company on top of things, and as business professionals they should be doing quite well. In about a year you are going to notice a dramatic difference in how well your law firm has done. Hopefully with all of the growth you have done everything it takes to maintain a smooth running law firm.

No matter what you need be sure you maintain your lawyer marketing company as a regular expenditure in your budget. Adding new clients each week is going to be great for business, but it also will mean that in the future if you were planning on doing an expansion and opening another firm, then you will have plenty of resources to do that. Not only will you be able to take on more clients, you will be able to hire more attorneys and more office staff which is great for stimulating the economy. Hard work in a law firm pays off in the long run, and everyone will be able to benefit from the success of your law firm.

Lawyer Marketing For Your Expanding Office

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