Why Keyword Research is Important in Lawyer Marketing

Why Keyword Research is Important in Lawyer Marketing

Expert Keyword Research is the cornerstone to successful SEO for Lawyer Marketing. Keywords play a very important role when it comes to website optimization. Search engines search for keywords or key phrases in a website only when they search for the information for the net surfers. As search Engines need just the most informative and useful sites for their visitors, they prefer the sites containing content with the highest priority of the keywords being searched. Many new website owners have a myth that Keyword Research and Analysis is a very simple task which can be performed with the help of free Keyword Research and Generator tools like Overture, Wordtracker, GoogleAdwords, etc. But in reality these tools can only give an approximate idea of what keywords can be searched relevant to a website like yours. The actual keyword analysis can only be done by the person who has done analysis of the entire site keeping in mind the user’s perspective and also potential customers.

Defining the Keywords

Having a solid foundation here is crucial, so you may want to hire a professional to perform your market research or help you along the way. What are the keywords (search queried words or phrases) that your customers will be typing into search engines when looking for your products or services? To be thorough, take each and every segmented customer market from your initial target market analysis and go from there. Create a good list of words or phrases and organize it based on your market segments. Many people search based on geographic, demographic, and psychographic factors, so beginning with organization will help you seed out wanted and unwanted phrases. Researching your desired keywords for search volume is necessary for any good Lawyer Marketing plan. Sought-after phrases may become more or less of an importance versus other phrases as you conduct your research. Using tools like Google Adword’s External Keyword Tool can help you determine exactly how many times search queries are performed for keywords, where (within your country or around the world), and much more. If you’d like us to carry out an online target market analysis for your law firm, contact us for a free consultation at any time.

Rank Worth

This is very helpful and avoids having to manually sift through search engine pages to hunt down your placements for keywords (especially if you have an extensive list). The average search position that a page from your site is ranking for a given keyword; this is a numeric value which is created by averaging the ranking of your site over the course of the time period for which you are viewing data. Determine your current Search Engine Ranking & Placement (SERP) for all of your keywords. A very easy way to find out if you are placed within at least the first 25 pages of Google’s, Yahoo’s, and MSN’s search engines is using SerpRush. It’s important to have your keyword in your first and last paragraph, but do not overdo it in your Lawyer Marketing. Most blog sites will have an area called “paragraph.” In that area it will show you these particular tags. It’s best to have three tags with your keyword. You have to be in a sweet spot. If you use your keyword too much then the search engines will think you’re spamming, and you can kiss your Google rankings goodbye. Make sure you emphasize your keyword by using bold text, underline, or italics. The first time you use the keyword put it in bold. The next time underline it. The next time italicize it. Wherever you feel like you need to make a point. What the heck right? These are header tags. Make sure you use your keyword in each of the three header tags.

Research the Competitiveness of your Keywords

The only way to go about this is thoroughly and analytically. Your online target market analysis should end with determining which keywords are the best for your SEM efforts. By determining how strong your competition is, you will be able to determine which keywords fit your budget. In order to receive high ranking for keywords that have high competition, you must have a strong, authoritative link profile. Creating backlinks and authority costs either time or money, and as you know, time is money. If a high-competition keyword is worth your effort, outsourcing to an online marketing company like ours is your best bet. All of these steps are absolutely necessary for success in online marketing. Without performing a target market analysis to determine your best route for online marketing action, you will be wasting time, energy and money. More than that, valuable customers will be slipping by and instead contacting your competitors each and every day. Stuffing of surplus targeted keywords in the Meta tags and using the same Meta tag in every page of the site is a complete waste. Your keyword research needs to be page specific and only focusing on 2 to 5 keywords per page. This would be more effective according to the best SEO practices as it gives each site page a chance for higher ranking on its own. Keyword Research and Analysis is not something that can be completed quickly in one day. So there you have it – use target market analysis for capturing ideal customers online for Lawyer Marketing. You need continuous efforts on all your internet assets to survive. Consistent modifications based on emerging market changes are needed. Ongoing keyword research and modifications are a must for proper SEO practices.

Why Keyword Research is Important in Lawyer Marketing


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