Internet Lawyer: How to Market Your Business Via Twitter?

Internet Lawyer: How to Market Your Business Via Twitter?

Anyone who has a product or service to sell online or who is an Internet Lawyer will soon discover that you can’t do it without social media marketing. One very effective tool is Twitter. People have become extremely successful just by tweeting every day. Of course, for twitter marketing to be effective you have to have a plan in place and you have to be strategic otherwise it is not going to work out. Don’t forget that this is something you should never stop learning about, especially when the industry is constantly changing and moving forward. If you want to learn more, have a look at well-known SEO forums, which are well moderated where you will find expert advice.

Where to Start

Start with a social media campaign. This should involve Twitter. You have to have a time period planned and decide how often you are going to tweet. It is easier to analyze your results in this way. Know how to tweet in order to engage with your clients and customers. Encourage them to tweet back by asking questions.  Also mix some of your personal life in with your business. We usually stick to the 80/20 rule, where 20% of the time you will talk about what you did in the day. This will allow your customers to put a face on your profile. Tweet so that your own Internet Lawyer personality comes out. Your followers must want to read something worth their while. Content should be valuable and you should never spam your followers.  Respond to those who tweeted back to you. There are famous celebrities who do this and so there is no reason why you can’t do this too.  When it comes to building up your followers, don’t go and buy them. You will find that this does not happen overnight. Google will smell a rat if your account suddenly expands to thousands of followers so this is something to remember.

Getting Help

There are a lot of people who are very experienced in this field, but make sure you shop around and ask people in reputable SEO forums. This will also help you if you are new to attorney marketing. They will be able to give you advice as to how you could best plan your campaign according to your particular niche. A software program like Tweet Adder can help you develop those who want to follow you, but be wary of any program out there. The thing about this program is that you can choose people who have the same interests as you. If they don’t follow you back, then the program allows you to un-follow them.  If you have one site then it is a lot easier to organize your campaign, but if you have ten sites then it becomes a little trickier because this is where time becomes a problem. As an Internet Lawyer, you may want to think of a social media marketing service to help you out. If you are going on a vacation, then this doesn’t mean you should stop tweeting. Simply take your smart phone with you with a software program installed that allows you to tweet to all of your social media accounts at once. This will only take a couple of minutes, making sure you don’t miss out on the fun of your time away from the city.

Unconventional Ways to Unleash the Power of Twitter

Twitter marketing is a highly effective way to drive traffic to your content and establish an online presence in the quickest amount of time.  Be vulnerable – to be naked is to be human. When you start sharing your hopes, dreams and fears, you connect with people on a visceral level. Remember, people buy from who you are before they buy what you sell. Ticking people off might not be as bad as you think. There’s a saying that when you try to please everybody you will please nobody. Be opinionated and the people who adore your persuasion will become your fervent followers. Polarization creates sales. Tweet Nonsense – this sounds crazy, but hear me out. People hit up Twitter to chill and catch up with news. People don’t go on Twitter to do business, at least not deliberately. Hit their funny bone and they’ll respond by noticing you. People are addicted to positive thinking quotes on Twitter. The more motivation quotes you Tweet out, the more you get tweeted. The end result: People think you’re a deep thought leader worth following. Again this bears repeating, people don’t go on Twitter to be sold to. Instead, they go to find breaking news and time-wasting YouTube videos. Here’s the key: Give them what they want (the cool), and they’ll give you what you want (the green). So go on Digg and tweet those links away. Be a Master Internet Lawyer Asker. Don’t be afraid to ask for a specific action on your Twitter feed, for example a retweet. If you don’t ask for retweets, people will not give you one. If you don’t ask for props, they may not give you one. Ask and you shall receive. Be as suave with people as you would in real life. Offer compliments, be amicable, and crack a joke or two. You’ll be surprised how well this translates in the online space. And this will help you get as much Twitter traffic as possible. Raise the Banner. Stand for a cause and your followers will start standing in solidarity with you.

Internet Lawyer: How to Market Your Business Via Twitter?

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Written by Richard Martindale - About the Author: Richard Martindale is a practicing attorney and the President/CEO of an internet marketing company in Austin called Clockwork Social Media. Richard also publishes the Attorney Marketing Profits Blog. Naturally this article is connected to Richard’s profile, Twitter, Facebook and to LinkedIn so check him out in all these places.
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