What Does Supreme Court Health Care Decision Have To Do With Attorney Marketing?

What Does Supreme Court Health Care Decision Have To Do With Attorney Marketing?

Hello and thank you for visiting the Attorney Marketing Profits’ Attorney Marketing Blog. Today we’re going to be discussing the Supreme Court’s recent healthcare decision and what that decision has to do with social media and internet marketing.

Here I want to show you an example of how Twitter was used to announce the Supreme Court’s decision today on healthcare. As you will see here, we have the Attorney Marketing Profits Twitter page. Our handle is @AttnyMarketing. So @AttnyMarketing and if you look at the tweets, you will see that this morning just after 10:00 AM was when @AP_Courtside was the one who – from what I could tell on Twitter — was the first to announce that “the Supreme Court upholds the individual insurance requirement in Obama’s healthcare bill”.

So that was announced on Twitter and from what I’ve seen on the internet, that was probably one of the first places on the internet where it was announced. So AP Courtside was the first to announce it, and you will see I retweeted it to my followers and I want to show you also on Twitter, I typed in a search first of all for SCOTUS which is Supreme Court of the United States and you will see all the tweets on here the people who have tagged it as Supreme Court of the United States. There are hundreds and hundreds of tweets today about the historic Supreme Court decision on the healthcare bill.

If you look here as well, you can see in this window the trends of what is trending today on Twitter and of all the subjects that are being tweeted about on Twitter, SCOTUS or the Supreme Court of the United States is the number three trending topic on Twitter right now. So you can see the importance of Twitter and getting out information regarding Supreme Court decisions or anything with regard to legal matters and you should be thinking about it from your attorney marketing. Do you have a Twitter account? When you have a big decision or when you get a new client, this is a great way to be able to post information immediately out to the internet and make it available. This would be in addition to press releases, websites, and other things that you may be using but Twitter is a very good tool with regard to that.

Additionally I wanted to show you this is a Facebook page for a blog that someone writes about the Supreme Court of the United States, and you can see here the person has posted their blog post for the day about the Supreme Court’s decision on healthcare and they’ve also started to get a lot of shares. They’ve had 14 shares of this post so far as well as various comments about their blog post and you can see here they have just over 3400 people who have liked this page. So when they post to this page, it goes out to over 3400 people and when those people share it, it becomes exponential.

Then finally I wanted to show you, you do a search on Google for the Supreme Court healthcare decision, you will see there’s a lot of videos, article posts. You will see my posts to Google+ about the Supreme Court’s decision and publicizing that to people who are following me. Other articles on the Washington Post and then even here down at the bottom, I wanted to show you how President Obama himself made statements today and those statements are appearing in videos on YouTube.

So you can see when something happens that’s as prominent as the Supreme Court decision, it’s all over the internet with regard to social media, and that is about the fastest way that you can get news and information out there.

So if you’re not using social media and the internet for your attorney marketing, you’re behind the times because it’s becoming the fastest-growing way to get your attorney marketing out to your clients and potential clients so you can keep them informed on what’s going on with your practice.

Thank you for spending your time with us today at the Attorney Marketing Profits Blog. If you need more information about attorney marketing, please visit our website at http://www.AttorneyMarketingProfits.com.

What Does Supreme Court Health Care Decision Have To Do With Attorney Marketing?

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