Facebook Improvements Aid Law Firm Marketing

Facebook Improvements Aid Law Firm Marketing

I know many of you took my advice from my blog post last Friday, and you are now using Facebook for your law firm marketing…or at least you’re thinking about starting your Facebook page very soon, right? (wink, wink)

Good news for all of you – Facebook made some changes recently that are very helpful to law firms and other businesses that are using this engaging social media platform in their marketing plan.

Those two changes are:

(1) Facebook now allows the native scheduling of posts for a future date or time; and

(2) Facebook includes different levels of management of its business pages through the admin settings.

For those of you who are Facebook novices, you need to understand that there are two main types of pages in Facebook.  There are personal pages for people who want to share stories, experiences, pictures, etc. about themselves and their personal lives.  And there are Facebook Pages that allow businesses, including law firms and attorneys, to promote their business to their clients and customers and interact with them through this unique social media platform.

If you have not used Facebook for any length of time, you may not understand the great joy that I felt when I heard Facebook changed its status update platform to allow updates to be posted at a day or time in the future.  Previously, you had to post updates on your Facebook Page in real time if you were not using a third-party software to handle scheduled postings.

The lack of any scheduling mechanism meant you had to use a calendar, alarm clock, timer or some other mechanism to remind yourself to go into your Facebook page at various times to make postings in Facebook.  I’m sure you can imagine how difficult that would be for someone like me who is not only handling postings for my own business, but for other businesses as well.

How Does Facebook Scheduling Work?

To make a scheduled post on your Facebook Page for your law firm or business, you simply need to go to your timeline and go into the status update box just like before.  Here is what it should look like:

Status Box on Facebook

Once you have drafted your post, you should click the clock in the bottom left-hand corner of the status box BEFORE you click the “Post” button.

After you click the clock, you will be given the opportunity to select the date and time for when you want the post to appear on your Facebook page.

I should also point out that if you have only recently set up your Facebook page, and you have not yet entered any dates into your timeline, you will be required to input an event or milestone (e.g. when your business opened) into your business timeline by clicking on the “Event, Milestone +” button.

Once you open the “Milestone” section, you will be able to enter information about an event or milestone in the life of your law firm.

After you have done all this, you simply need to click the “Schedule” button to schedule your post for the date and time you set.

This new feature on Facebook allows you to enter multiple posts on your Facebook page at a time when it is convenient for you, but then also have them scheduled to show up on your page over time, not all at once.  This is important because one of the most important factors involved with effective social media usage is to have regular interactions with your clients or other followers that are spread out over time.

As you monitor Facebook Insights for your page, over time you will learn the times of day when your followers are most engaged with your business page, and you can schedule your posts accordingly to obtain the highest engagement possible.

 Facebook Allows Different Levels of Administration

Businesses have always had the ability to assign an “admin” person to handle all aspects of their Facebook pages.  There was only one level of “admin”, however, so any person who was given access to a Facebook page for business had to be trustworthy enough to warrant full access to that page.

With the recent changes, Facebook now gives businesses five different levels of access to its page managers.  The levels of access and a short description of each is as follows (least amount of access first, and each successive level includes access rights of levels below it):

(1) Insights Analyst – an Insights Analyst can monitor insights for Facebook Pages and report to management on activity.

(2) Advertiser – an Advertiser also has the ability to create Facebook ads for the law firm or business.

(3) Moderator – a Moderator also can send messages as the law firm or business and can respond to or delete comments.

(4) Content Creator – a Content Creator has the right to make posts as the business and make edits to the Facebook Page or add applications.

(5) Manager – the Manager has full access to the Facebook Page and can manage the admin roles of other users.

If you spend any amount of time using Facebook in your law firm marketing, you know that management of a law firm’s Facebook Page can be tedious and very time consuming.  For that reason, firms often outsource the management of their Facebook Page to an external consulting company like Attorney Marketing Profits.

The firms that choose to handle the administration of their Facebook Page internally, however, need the ability to assign varying roles to multiple people so they can manage their social media accounts efficiently and effectively.

These two changes by Facebook definitely give law firms and attorneys more flexibility and tools to manage their Facebook accounts.

As such, I give high marks to Facebook for making these changes that benefit law firms in their marketing efforts, and I look forward to hearing your comments and opinions about how you’re using these changes to your advantage.

Facebook Improvements Aid Law Firm Marketing

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