Jury Service – An Attorney’s Perspective

Jury Service – An Attorney’s Perspective

Attorney Marketing Jury SelectionOn Monday, I was called for jury duty in a criminal district court here in Travis County, Texas.

As an attorney and former assistant district attorney, I found jury service to be a fun experience.  Although it pulled me away from my current law practice and local marketing business (including Attorney Marketing Profits) for the day, it provided me with an escape where I could recall the memories of my first legal job from over 15 years ago.

While I have to admit that I did not want to be picked for the jury (as the prosecutor pointed out, nobody really did), I enjoyed the several hours I spent observing the attorneys during voir dire (that’s the legal term for the jury selection process) and how the attorneys’ actions relate to attorney marketing.

You see, I was pretty sure the defense would not choose me to sit on the jury when the prosecutor asked early on in his questioning “Where’s the former prosecutor on the panel?” and I was the one who raised my juror number.

After that happened I relaxed and settled in to observe and take notes on how the attorneys were presenting themselves to the public during the jury selection process.

As an attorney, you may not think of your actions in selecting a jury as an attorney marketing opportunity, but what other situation can you think of where you have a captive audience of approximately 75 people and you’re the only one who gets to talk to them?

The attorneys are one of the main attractions during any jury trial, especially during the jury selection process.  Whether you like it or not, you need to remember that the people who you come into contact with are always making conscious and unconscious judgments about you.

Jury_selection_attorney_marketing_lawyerYou never know when someone from a jury panel (or anyone you come into contact with on a daily basis for that matter) may be in need of an attorney or may be in a position to recommend an attorney to a friend or family member.  They may not know any other attorneys, and if they recently came into contact with you, they’ll surely remember (and hopefully recommend) you if you made a great impression.

Take it from a fellow attorney and marketing consultant – you must always be marketing!

I don’t want you to go overboard with what I’m saying here and perpetuate the stereotype of lawyers handing out their business cards at the scene of every traffic accident.  It just struck me during my jury service that almost everything we do as attorneys speaks to the public about our law practice as well as our profession.

I am happy to report that the attorneys who made presentations to my jury panel acted very professionally.  I think this is one of the simplest actions you can do, which often gets overlooked when it comes to attorney marketing.  The fact of the matter is that if you act professionally with regard to everything you do in your legal practice, then you shouldn’t have any marketing worries.

Don’t get me wrong – you almost certainly need to do affirmative marketing – such as using a website, videos and social media – to attract new clients and make enough money to keep the lights on.  However, if you don’t take care of the basics like acting professionally toward your clients and others in the public, then I feel confident in stating that any of these external marketing tools won’t help you.

Jury Service – An Attorney’s Perspective

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