Attorney Marketing Tips – How to Find the Right Keywords

Attorney Marketing Tips – How to Find Keywords

Hello and welcome to another edition of tips and tricks Tuesday with Attorney Marketing Profits. Today we’re going to be discussing how to find the right keywords to use in your attorney marketing campaigns.

If you will recall, in our last edition of tips and tricks Tuesday we talked about the importance of keywords and how the internet is organized around keywords.  Now today we’re going to talk to you about how to find the keywords that are right for your business.

Google gives you one very important tool to use, and here on the screen you’ll see we have a shot of Google.  I want you to type in “adwords keyword tool” – and you’ll see as you start to type it in, it will pop up.  Click on that first link there, and it will take you to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  Now this is a free tool that Google gives you access to that will enable you to do keyword research about your business.

When you get to this screen here, you’ll see that Google wants to help you find keywords for your business.  So what you want to do is here in this box where it says “Word or Phrase” type in a phrase that is related to your keyword.

Today we’re going to talk about “criminal attorney Austin” – so when you type that in and click search you’ll see when you type in that keyword, Google will do the work for you and it will search for terms that are related to the phrase or word that you typed in.

You’ll see down here that Google has grouped these keywords into different groupings based on what you typed in.  You can click on the “+” symbol to open up any of these different keyword groupings.  So you’ll see “austin criminal attorney” “criminal attorney Austin TX” “criminal attorney Austin Texas” “criminal law attorneys” – all these different keywords related to “criminal attorney Austin”. What you’ll see is that Google is giving you hundreds of keyword ideas.

One tip that I want to make sure you’re aware of – up in the right-hand side, when you go to this keyword tool, and you can’t see it on my screen because my personal information is blocked out, but up in the top there will be a link for you to sign in.

When you’re doing keyword research, it’s very important that you sign in when you’re doing that keyword research because Google will give you many more keywords.  I think you’re limited to approximately 300 keywords if you’re not signed in, but if you sign in Google will give you, I believe, 800 keyword ideas.  And what you want to do, obviously you want to have the maximum number of keyword options to choose from when you’re doing your keyword research.

Make sure you tune in next week where we’ll show you how to take these hundreds of keywords and whittle them down to figure out exactly which ones are right for your attorney marketing campaigns.

Thank you for joining us on this installment of tips and tricks Tuesday with Attorney Marketing Profits. If you’d like more information about attorney marketing, please visit our website at

Attorney Marketing Tips – How to Find Keywords

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