Who is the Disney of Attorney Marketing?

Who is the Disney of Attorney Marketing?

Disney World of Attorney MarketingI’m headed to Disney World later this morning with my family, and as I’ve been getting ready for this much-needed vacation, I’ve been asking myself the question – Who is the Disney of Attorney Marketing?

When you think of marketing to children, there are very few companies that hold a candle to Disney (NYSE: DIS).  Walt Disney started with characters like Mickey Mouse and Snow White, and since those early days, Disney has continually grown its stable of characters, movies and products to one of the biggest international marketing powerhouses in existence.

If you have children of any age, you know exactly what I mean. Today, it’s not just about the movies – it’s about doing a deal with McDonald’s or Burger King for little plastic toys in the kids’ meals; it’s about dominating the online and brick and mortar stores with all types of toys, stickers and bright shiny objects; and it’s about the series that will most likely be premiered on Disney’s own TV channel soon after the movie stops running in theaters.

I’ve had a front row seat to Disney’s marketing machine over these past few months leading up to our trip.  It started approximately 5 months ago with emails from Disney giving me information about the resort where we’re staying while there, recommendations about where to eat during our stay, and Disney even sent us a personalized video about how we can “bring the magic home” before our trip begins (i.e. how we can start purchasing Disney products now).

Snow White Attorney MarketingAs our vacation date got closer, Disney sent us additional information like a checklist for packing, the benefits we’ll have by staying on the Disney property (like extended park hours), and all the information we need about hassle-free pick up from the airport using the Disney’s Magical Express Service.  Of course, there were also many, many opportunities to purchase extras like an advance PhotoPass CD with all the pictures from our stay, the Disney Visa credit card, and so much more.

What is key to observe with these emails is that Disney not only has been selling us on more of its products and services to purchase, but Disney is striving to give us great value for our money and a fantastic experience that will provide memories for our family for the rest of our lives.

In my opinion, too many companies (including law firms) are doing too much selling of their services, and they’re not putting enough emphasis on providing their current customers and prospective customers with information and service that goes above and beyond their clients’ and customers’ expectations.

Think about your marketing practices and how you treat people who are thinking about hiring your law firm or have just hired your firm:

  • Do you provide potential clients with lots of great information and value from the very first time you meet them (whether it’s in person or over other communication channels like the internet, social media or your blog)?
  • Do you have a generous frame of mind by giving information about your legal niche even before someone pays you a hefty retainer fee?
  • Do you look for opportunities to help others or are you always thinking about what information you can get out of them to help your business?
  • When someone hires you or your law firm, do you go above and beyond to give people more than they expect or are you looking to give only the bare minimum to meet the amount someone has paid you?

Mickey Mouse Attorney MarketingIn your attorney marketing, you should always be looking for opportunities to give people more information than they would ever expect to receive even after paying you.  You can create informational handouts for your website, you can create an educational video series, or you can conduct regular webinars or seminars to educate people on issues they may need to know about in your particular practice area.

If you do it right, all the information you put out through these marketing channels should allow you to dominate local search through Google+ Local (which Google completely changed last week), dominate video through YouTube, and dominate your local area in your legal niche because you will be seen as ‘the leading expert’ in your field.  In effect, you will be the ‘Disney’ of your legal area because you will dominate every avenue people will turn to when looking for an attorney.

Of course, once people find your attorney marketing you will also need to have great systems to respond to those perspective clients and convince them to hire you.  But I’ll come back to that topic later this week once I’ve soaked up more of the ‘Disney Magic’.  All you need to remember right now is when it comes to your attorney marketing or law firm marketing, you should always be looking for opportunities to give.  By giving more than anyone would ever expect to receive, you’ll be giving a Disney-like experience to people who need your legal expertise.

Don’t kid yourself into believing that this means everyone who comes into contact with your marketing will hire you or your law firm.  But you can take satisfaction in knowing that you’ll be in a generous state of mind, and I’m pretty sure you’ll get many more satisfied clients than you would by holding back.

In closing, I wanted to answer the question in my title – Who is the Disney of Attorney Marketing?

Attorney Marketing Profits Logo FINALI can’t pinpoint any one company that is dominating the attorney marketing space these days.  You might argue that Westlaw, Lexis or FindLaw are dominating attorney marketing, but I would have to disagree.

I can’t deny these are huge companies in the legal arena, but in my opinion those companies are putting too much emphasis on making the sale and are not giving customers the ‘Disney experience’ that exceeds all expectations.  For that reason, this void will have to be filled by a company that’s yet to be determined….who knows, maybe Attorney Marketing Profits will be the one to do it!

Who is the Disney of Attorney Marketing?

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