Attorney Marketing Tips & Tricks

Attorney Marketing Tips & Tricks

Hello and welcome to the first installment of Tips & Tricks Tuesday at the Attorney Marketing Profits Blog.

Each Tuesday we’re going to show you some tips & tricks you can use  as real world examples as a guide for your attorney marketing that you are doing on a daily basis so you can improve your marketing to get more traffic, more clients and more profits for your firm.

In yesterday’s blog post, I told you how the internet is arranged by the search engines using keywords, and this makes it very easy to market yourself using targeted keywords.  The keywords are used to organize all the pages on the internet so the search engines can pull up highly relevant information quickly when someone types a search into a search engine like Google.

On the screen, you’ll see an example of a search engine results page or ‘SERP’ on Google, which is the largest and most frequently used search engine on the internet.  This search engine results page is what comes up when you type a search into the search engine.

In this example we’ve typed the keyword ‘bankruptcy attorney austin tx’ into Google’s search window and Google has pulled up this SERP.  This keyword has multiple words contained in it, so it’s known as a ‘long tail keyword’.

The first page below the advertisements is what Google considers to be the most relevant page for this keyword, so Google has given it the highest rank.

With this page, you will see that there are several highlighted terms related to this keyword.  Austin, TX and Bankruptcy Attorney are highlighted words in the title of this page; ‘austinbankruptcyattorney’ is highlighted in the domain name and bankruptcy attorney in Austin, Texas are all highlighted in the description of this page.

All three of these areas – the page title, the page description, and the domain name – are very important areas in your website where you want to be sure your keywords appear.  If you have a good webmaster for your website, they should know about these areas and placement of the keywords, but if they don’t it’s your responsibility to make sure you tell them to place the keywords in these strategic locations when creating your website.

It’s important that you take advantage of these strategic locations in each page of your website place the keywords into the fabric of your site because this helps the search engines like Google to know what each page is about and help them rank your website highly when someone is searching for a keyword related to your website and your legal practice area.

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Tips & Tricks Tuesday from Attorney Marketing Profits. Please come back to visit our blog regularly as we look forward to sharing valuable information related to attorney marketing with you every week.

Attorney Marketing Tips & Tricks

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Written by Richard Martindale - About the Author: Richard Martindale is a practicing attorney and the President/CEO of an internet marketing company in Austin called Clockwork Social Media. Richard also publishes the Attorney Marketing Profits Blog. Naturally this article is connected to Richard’s profile, Twitter, Facebook and to LinkedIn so check him out in all these places.
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