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Is Your Attorney Marketing Memorable?

So you may be asking yourself, “What does Memorial Day have to do with Attorney Marketing?”

When people today talk about Memorial Day, oftentimes they talk about opening the swimming pool, cooking out with their loved ones, or enjoying other outdoor activities.  This is because Memorial Day has come to be known as the unofficial ‘kickoff to summer’.  School is out in many places and vacations are starting or being planned, so everyone’s focus is on the fun to come.

Memorial Day Firetruck Attorney Marketing BlogI understand all about this because our neighborhood has a fun tradition of inviting the local fire department to come spray their hoses for the kids to play in the water, and the families show their appreciation by giving donations to support the department.

When you think of Memorial Day in this way, you probably don’t make any connection to marketing (although in my opinion the fire department is doing great marketing).

However, when you think about what Memorial Day really means, I think you’ll understand how it relates to what you should be doing in your attorney marketing.

Memorial Day is about remembering the men and women who have served our country in the military.  My grandfather, father, and several uncles served in World War II and the Vietnam War.  My cousin and brother-in-law are currently serving in various branches of the United States Military and have done so for the past decade.  I am thankful for the service each of these men gave or are giving to our country because they truly know what it means to sacrifice and serve a greater cause.

Memorial Day Flag Attorney Marketing BlogWhen I drove around this morning and saw the Stars and Stripes flying all over neighborhoods in Austin, I remembered my relatives, friends and others who have served or are serving in our military. Seeing these signs of patriotism also make me reflect on the freedoms I have today due to the service and sacrifices they have made for me and our country.

At its core, Memorial Day is about memories.  Memories of prior wars, memories of fallen soldiers and memories of all the blessings we have as a result of this service.

If you want your attorney marketing to be effective, you also have to make it memorable.

If you have time today or sometime this week, I want you to make a list of everything you are currently doing with regard to your attorney marketing or law firm marketing. Ask yourself:

  • Are you marketing your legal practice on the internet?
  • Are you using videos effectively to convey a consistent message about why your practice or law firm is different than your competitors down the street?
  • Are you interacting with potential clients on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels?
  • Are you monitoring your reputation and responding to any criticism to show the public you care about what they think about you as an attorney?

When you have written down everything you are doing in your current attorney marketing or law firm marketing plan, take a step back and ask yourself a question – “If I were to come across my own marketing – whether it be a website, YouTube video, or newspaper ad – would I think it was memorable enough to contact that attorney if I needed his or her services?”

Unfortunately, many attorneys these days are stuck in ‘old world advertising’ that focuses primarily on word of mouth referrals, yellow page ads, and maybe some radio advertising if they’re really ‘ramping up’ their marketing efforts.  These attorneys center their marketing around their firm name, address and telephone number.

But how often do people really remember all that information when it comes time to hiring an attorney?

Google Facebook Twitter_Attorney Marketing BlogIn my opinion the more savvy marketing attorneys are taking advantage of the resources available to them on the internet – such as Google Places, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs – because they see that so many of these resources can be accessed for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.  Not to mention the fact that these internet resources prove much more effective in actually generating new clients.

Attorney marketing done through the internet is so much more effective and targeted because the internet is organized and arranged around ‘keywords’ and the search engines like Google and Yahoo use these keywords to provide the most responsive search results to people who are using their computers or smartphones to locate local businesses, attorneys and law firms when they need them.

Think about it – if you’re a bankruptcy attorney in Austin, Texas, would you prefer that people are able to find you by flipping through an outdated, yellow-colored resource book that most people just recycle when it lands on their front doorstep, or would you like to be the attorney or law firm that is dominating the search results that show up in Google when someone searches for the keyword ‘bankruptcy attorney austin, tx’?

Which marketing option do you think would make you more memorable?

If you have any idea about the number of people who have access to the internet these days (over 1/3 of the world) and the number of searches that are done each and every day (over 4 billion), then this question should be an easy one for you to answer.

So when you’re done reviewing your current marketing plan, and you’re thinking about how you will use your resources in the future to maximize your attorney marketing or law firm marketing, be sure you have an increasingly larger amount of time, effort and financial resources devoted to building and maintaining a memorable marketing presence on the internet.

The internet is not a fad, it’s marketing reality!

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